Why Conservatives Suck

Why Conservatives Suck 10

The Conservatives have always been in favour of pipelines, so what’s surprising that they’re on side with the Liberals on this?

Why Conservatives Suck 10

Jan 16, 2006 · This is the reason CNN’s Crossfire is no longer on the air. Jon Stewart shows up these two ignorant political show hosts 2 against 1, on their own show

Why Conservatives Suck 117

Why Conservatives Suck 87

Why Conservatives Suck 120

Why Conservatives Suck 98

Appearing on Fox News’ The Kelly File on Friday, discussed the controversy last week regarding …

Why Conservatives Suck 102

Why Conservatives Suck 18

Why Conservatives Won’t Dance to the ‘Dear Leader Donald Trump’ Tune We believe you should respect your leaders and pray for them—but not to them.

Jonathan Haidt studies how — and why — we evolved to be moral and political creatures.

Why Conservatives Suck 46

Why Conservatives Suck 40

“Conservatives see liberals as misguided; liberals see conservatives as evil.” —Original source unknown. Are you a conservative, a libertarian, or a Republican?

The Surprising Brain Differences Between Democrats and Republicans Two new studies further support the theory that our political decision making could have a

Why should Creationism be taught in colleges? Because it leaves less time to teach Global warming and tobacco’s link to cancer What kind of celebration pays down the

Calling for civility, Ted Nugent explains why he once told Obama to ‘suck on my machine gun.’

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