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Mary was probably only 12 or 13 years old when she became pregnant with Jesus. She was engaged to Joseph, but not yet officially married to him

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“The doctrine of the Virgin Birth of Jesus holds that Jesus’ birth was the result of a miraculous conception whereby the Virgin Mary conceived a baby in her womb by

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Christian beliefs Menu The virgin birth of Jesus: Fact or fable? Conflicting quotations showing the diversity of beliefs about the virgin birth:

Virgin Birth: Does the Bible Teach It? by COGwriter . Did the Bible prophesy that Jesus would be born of a virgin? Does it record that it happened?

Whether you believe in God or starstuff, here’s a fun question: could Jesus have been conceived without Mary and Joseph getting it on?

The ma which teaches that the Blessed Mother of Jesus Christ was a virgin before, during, and after the conception and birth of her Divine Son

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The virgin birth of Jesus is the belief that Jesus was conceived in the womb of his mother Mary through the Holy Spirit without the agency of a human man and born

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The virgin birth of Jesus is a belief held by Christians,Jews and Muslims. It says that Mary, Jesus’ mother, was a virgin even after she became pregnant with Jesus.

The Blessed Virgin Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ, the mother of God

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(RNS) Why is the Virgin Birth the lynchpin of Christianity? Was it miracle or metaphor? And can you call yourself a Christian if you can’t accept the idea of the

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