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Jul 27, 2016 · Read CNN’s Fast Facts on same-sex marriage and learn more about gay marriage legislation around the world.

marriage is a human rights violation. Despite laws against it, the practice remains widespread, in part because of persistent poverty and gender inequality. In

Though marriage is now seen as love between equals, throughout history it has had a radically different definition

Millions of ren in the United States have lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender (LGBT) parents. Some ren of LGBT parents were conceived in heterosexual

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A snapshot of marriage in the U.S.: Marriage. People are getting married later in life. The median age of those married for the first time is currently 28.3 for men

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Read five key facts about same-sex marriage, two years after U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling that granted same-sex couples the right to marry.

Gay Marriage–Secular Reasons Against It. When the subject of Gay Marriage comes up, how are Christians doing at communicating the harm to society with the secular world?

A social shift is occurring. The incidences of gay adoption and gay parenting are growing exponentially. Find out the positive facts about gay & lesbian adoption and

Homosexuality from Several Viewpoints. There are several aspects to the cultural debate surrounding homosexual behavior. In this article we will summarize the key

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Not all states recognize common law marriage, and California is one of them, which brings us to common law marriage myth number one – All states recognizes common law

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